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Tammy Daughtry, MMFT

President & CEO, Co-parenting International
Co-Founder, The Center for Modern Family Dynamics


Tammy is the founder of Co-Parenting International,an organization launched in 2003 to help divorcedparents raise healthy kids. She is the Co-Founder ofThe Center for Modern Family Dynamics, a counselingbased organization in Nashville, TN. Tammy is a nationalauthor of Co-parenting Works! Helping Your Children Thrive After Divorce(HarperCollins, 2011) and has extensive media experience with radio,television and professional seminars on the matter of co-parenting and itsimpact on children. She was raised by divorced parents and she herselfhas been a co-parent since 2001. She is on the YMCA Board of Directors,the International Committee for the YMCA, the Program Director for theNAACC, a member of the American Association of Marriage and FamilyTherapists and the TN Commission on Children and Youth. She and her husband, Jay, are raising a blended family of four kids, two day timersand more love and laughter than she ever dreamed possible!


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Solo Parents, How are you doing with co-parenting? On this week's episode ( ) author and founder of Co-Parenting International Tammy Bennett Daughtry shares insight on: 1. What are some baseline principles to co-parenting that set our kids up with a solid foundation? 2. What do you do if your ex refuses to get on the same page? 3. When am I ready to date again and how to navigate that with our kids?

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Thank you Gini Pickleon for the review of "Co-parenting Works! Helping Your Children Thrive after Divorce" by Tammy Daughtry (see Amazon for more reviews)

Great Resource for parents after divorce!
ByGini Pickleon March 9, 2017
Format: Paperback
Co-Parenting Works is a map and a compass that guides parents navigating the waters of co-parenting past snares and pitfalls in order to discover the beautiful treasure of happy children who will become confident adults. The author does this by sharing from her own experience of co-parenting, the experiences of other parents and shared stories from children whose parents did things the right way and those who did things in a harmful way. She helps divorced parents learn how to make positive co-parenting work for them by: Understanding how today’s actions will affect your child in five, ten and twenty years, Teaming with your former spouse to develop strategies in the best interest of your children, Helping your child feel at ease in both homes, Increasing your child’s self-esteem while minimizing anxiety, and Integrating stepparents into your co-parenting team. Her main emphasis is, it’s not about you, it’s about your child!

She shares “tips from the child’s perspective: don’t put us in the middle, be available, share good things that came from your marriage, understand that our healing process is different from yours, adjust for our convenience, be prepared for wide range of emotions, tell us good things about the other parent, legitimize out loss and tell us you love us” (Pages 74-75). The author also goes into the strategies to use when the co-parent won’t cooperate, when you are dealing with abandonment and have to co-parent alone, when your ex is unsafe, dating again and remarriage. I would highly recommend this book to any parent that is facing the daunting task of raising a child after divorce!
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Nashville Area Friends please share this! Know of anyone going through a divorce who needs some information and support? SUNDAY, APRIL 9th from 2-5. We are not advocating for divorce, we are trying to help those going through it navigate it with as much information and grace as possible. No one gets married thinking they will get divorced, but it does happen. Please share this as you deem appropriate. Help us help others! Thank you! ... See MoreSee Less

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