The Three Day Goodbye For Angelia

03-10-16 Contributor 0 comment

Backpack over the shoulder, Your favorite jacket in hand
Waving goodbye, Three days til I see you again
I know you’ll have fun, Daddy’s safe home
I drive away, Without you I’m alone

I have a choice in this moment in time,
To let the tears fall for what is not mine
The days that I miss of your sweet goodnight kiss
Just know you are loved and you’re missed

When you are with me then it’s Daddy we see
Waving and smiling goodbye
His days linger on and while you are gone
He longs for you the same as I

You are the gift that God has given, To raise, to love and lead well
I thank Him each day for letting us be, Your parents and for others I’ll tell

That sometimes it still hurts and I wish it could be
All of your loved ones as a family
But this is our journey and these are your homes
Dad’s house and mom’s house, two brushes, two combs

You’ll never wonder if anyone loves you like mad
Cuz you have the best mom and the very best dad
God gave us a precious gift in our life
To raise you together but without any strife

So go and have fun and I’ll drive on
I’ll make the most of it when you are away
I’ll see a fun concert and call a close friend
And keep smiling each and every day

For you are OK and loved in both places
Nothing more sweet than TWO warm spaces
To live and to grow and to learn how to fly
So I’ll smile as I wave, the three day goodbye