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Co-Parenting at Christmas (Click Here to Read Full Post)

I just want to encourage single parents and step parents to plan ahead this Christmas. Don't put the kids in the middle or make them choose how to spend time with extended family. It's hard enough for them to feel torn between Mom and Dad, please don't add any extra stress to their journey.

I am reminded of my friend Joey, who reflects on what it was like to be from a divorced family - here is a little part of his story:


Joey Recalls Christmas as a Child of Divorce…

"My saddest memories of Christmas were seeing my mom cry when I left with my dad." Joey, age 41

Canadian Globe and Mail (Click Here to Read Full Blog)

Last week I was interviewed by The Globe and Mail (Canada's leading newspaper) and I just received the final copy today. I will post a link to the full article soon!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a standout quote (a bold, hard question) by Brian Galbraith, a family lawyer in Ontario. He simply asks:

"Do you hate your ex more than you love your children?"

I want to believe that if you are here, at this co-parenting website, seeking information for your situation then your answer would be an absolute, powerful "NO! No, I don't hate my ex more than I love my children. I love my children and I want to know if there is HOPE for them..."

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